Trouble With a Safe?

Whatever You Need, We’re Here for You:

Natural Disasters, Moving, Relocation, Disposals & More

Natural Disasters & Emergency Services

We here in North Florida have suffered major devastation caused by flooding. In one case it was told to me by a friend that one of her employees homes was under water to the point that the water was literally 15-20' above the roof. We are here to help!

We relocate and dispose of flood damaged / structurally damaged safes of all sizes. We work with most insurance companies, documenting damages (photos & written documentation).

Flooding warning! The majority of safes’ fire rating is based on them being protected by a drywall type or a composite insulation which once wet, is ruined. This doesn't mention the fact of mold growth which is a serious health risk. If your safe is flooded, it needs to get replaced ASAP.

At Liberty, we’ll do everything we can to make sure you get taken care of.

Replacing & Moving Safes

We specialize in moving safes of all sizes, shapes and weights.

We have our own personnel, trucks and equipment to perform these services in the Northeast Florida area.  We can arrange every aspect of the move of your safe, including but not limited to the following:

  • Safe(s) moved and/or leveled within the same location.
  • Safe(s) removed from the premises, transported to another location in the metro area,  brought inside, placed and leveled. 
  • Safe(s) removed from the premises back to our warehouse for storage until the need for delivery to the same or another premises in our area.
  • Safe(s) removed from the premises back to our warehouse for preparation and shipment to another location outside of our operating area. 


Removal & Disposal of Safes

We are often called upon to remove safes from buildings.  If the safe has enough value to cover the cost of removal, we'll take it for free.  If the value of the safe is less than the cost to remove it, we'll charge you an appropriate fee to remove it.  If the safe is of no value to us, we'll charge for its removal and ultimate disposal.

Refurbishing of Safes

We offer this service if the safe is brought back to our facility for one or more of the following services:  reconditioning, repainting, modifications to the interior of the safe, installation of one or more of locks, etc.  If the work can be performed less expensively on the client's premises, this will be recommended.

Trade In Your Safe for Something Different

People trade their safes in all the time.  If you have a safe that's too large, heavy, small, weak, ugly or just not right for your present requirements, call and talk to us about it.  We'll do our best to help analyze your needs and come up with a solution.  As a matter of fact, we may even come up with a solution or two that you never thought about!  By the way, when you contact us, let us know if you only want  a new safe or if you will consider a reconditioned model.  We're here to help you in any way that works well for you.

More Services for Your Safes

Storage of Safes

We offer monthly storage for safes of all sizes and shapes.  Automatic payments are required and must be made on a monthly basis, with payments made within one week in advance of the next time period.  No pro-rating is available for storage less than one month.  An approved credit card must be on file at all times.  All payments must be up-to-date prior to the release of the product from our premises or possession. At the end of the storage period we can arrange to deliver and install the safe at the location you desire.

At the time of our taking possession of the safe(s) it is required that we have the combination code to all locks and at least one copy of any key that secures the door or inner compartment(s) of the safe.  Safes must be emptied of all personal contents prior to our taking possession of them. Therefore, we are not responsible for any contents left inside the safe(s) while in our possession.

Rental of Safes

We offer a wide selection of safes that can be rented for everything from trade shows to trunk shows to short or long term situations.  Prices vary and are based on the type, size and weight of the safe, along with the time and labor associated with preparing, delivery to and removal from the premises.  Payment for all rentals are due in full at the time of order or two weeks prior to the date of delivery.  We may also require a security deposit for the entire product itself, its keys and interior fittings...depending on the particular situation.   There may even be a requirement to pay for the value of the safe in advance, with reimbursement being made, less the rental fee, at the time of removal. Please contact our office to discuss your particular requirements so we can make a plan that works well for you.

We Buy Used Safes

Since we are in the reconditioned safe business, we do purchase used safes all the time.  If the safe is of value to us, we are willing to purchase it.  The price we are willing to pay for it is based on one or more of the following factors:  the marketability of the product, the cost to remove it from the premises and transport it back to our facility, the condition of the product, whether it's open or closed and locked, etc.